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EE-331 Devices and Circuits 1 Winter 2011 Laboratory Design Project Prof. R. B. Darling PWM DC Motor Speed Control DESIGN PROJECT TEST RESULTS: Group Name: Date Tested: Group Members: Witnessed By: (teaching assistant) Parameter Design Specification Test Results Points Power Supply +5.0 V for speed control /5 +15.0 V for motor /5 Oscillator 10 kHz ± 5% frequency /5 saw tooth asymmetrical ramp /5 < 10 µ s fall time /5 Frequency does not change /5 Input Ctrl Voltage DC input over selected range
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Unformatted text preview: /10 PWM Modulator 0.0 – 5.0 V CMOS output /5 At least 10% - 90% modulation /5 Motor Driver 0 to 500 mA at +15.0 Volts /10 Function no rotation with no input /2 speed increases w/ input voltage /5 full speed with full input /3 Linearity As linear as possible ** = r 2 /10 Power Efficiency As high as possible % /10 Parts Cost As low as possible $ /10 Test Results: 100 points max. /100 ** include a plot of duty cycle versus input control voltage to validate this performance....
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