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EE-331 Devices and Circuits 1 Homework 9 Winter 2011 Due in class on Wednesday, March 9, 2011. Work any 10 of the 11 problems below for full credit. Problem 1: Problem 6.31 on p. 357 of Jaeger and Blalock. Use a fall time of t = 1.0 ns, as shown in Fig. P6.31, not the 0.8 ns stated in the problem text. Problem 2: Problem 6.39(a,b) on p. 358 of Jaeger and Blalock. Also compute the drain current i D when v O = V L for each case. Use the MOSFET parameters shown on p. 355 as needed. Problem 3: Problem 6.53(a) on p. 359 of Jaeger and Blalock. Find the value of R, W, and L to meet these specifications. Problem 4: Problem 6.87(a) on p. 361 of Jaeger and Blalock. Just find the W/L ratios for the driver and load FETs to satisfy the specifications. Use k n = 50 µ A/V 2 for both devices. Problem 5: Problem 6.101 on p. 361 of Jaeger and Blalock. The reference inverter design is actually shown in Fig. 6.29(d) on p. 324; Fig. 6.32 shows a 2-input NAND gate. Problem 6:
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