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AppendixA week 2 - Axia College Material Appendix A...

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Axia College Material Appendix A Meditation Worksheet Directions: Locate two resources on the Internet that explain meditation techniques. Copy and paste the Web address into the top of the matrix. After reviewing the Web site, provide a brief summary for each source. Below your summary, list two interesting facts you learned from each site. Try the techniques you located in your Internet search. Provide a brief description of what happened in your experience. Be sure to answer the two questions below the matrix also. PSY/201
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1. Do you think meditation leads to heightened sensation and perception? Explain why or why not. I believe that meditation would heighten both sensation and perception. When you meditate you relax your body and mind allowing you to be more in tune with your senses. Just in the meditation I did, I could feel my breathing in ways that I usually don’t, and a calm came over me that was enjoyable at the time.
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