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Summer2008FinalExam - Name A505(303 Summer 2007 Exam II You...

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Name A505 (303) Summer, 2007 Exam II 8/6/08 You have from 1:00 – 3:00 to finish the exam. Points are shown next to each question (total = 100 points). To receive full (or partial) credit you must clearly show all calculations. Exam II is worth 50% of your overall grade. Please check to see that you have 12 pages (they are numbered). When done, attach your answers (clearly labeled) and turn in all pages of the exam. A303—Exam II 6 August, 2008 Page 1 of 12
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Multiple Choice: 3 points each 1. In a defined-benefit plan, the process of funding refers to a. determining the projected benefit obligation. b. determining the accumulated benefit obligation. c. making the periodic contributions to a funding agency to ensure that funds are available to meet retirees' claims. d. determining the amount that might be reported for pension expense. 2. The computation of pension expense includes all the following except 3. One component of pension expense is expected return on plan assets. Plan assets include 4. Gains and losses that relate to the computation of pension expense should be
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