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TDM205 Assaignment2

TDM205 Assaignment2 - 1 UNWTO is a United Nation agency and...

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1. UNWTO is a United Nation agency and an international organization of tourism. It serves as a global forum for tourism issues and a source of tourism know-how. On the other hand, the WTTC is the forum for business leaders in the Travel and Tourism industry. UNWTO plays an important role in expanding the development of responsible, sustainable and universally accessible tourism, focusing on the interests of some developing countries. It also encourages the implementation of the Global ethics for Tourism. They check that member countries, tourist destinations and businesses maximize the positive economic, social and cultural effects of tourism and fully reap its benefits, while minimizing its negative social and environmental impacts. Membership includes 154 countries, 7 territories and more than 400 Affiliate Members in a private sector, educational institutions, tourism associations and local tourism authorities. WTTC has a unique mandate and overview on all matters related to Travel and Tourism with Chief Executives of some one hundred of the world's leading Travel and Tourism companies as its Members. Their activities are carried out by UNWTO's regional representatives based at the Headquarters in Madrid. UNWTO is committed to the United Nations, geared toward reducing poverty and fostering sustainable development. Also, WTTC works to enlarge focus of Travel & Tourism as the world's largest industries. It has about 235 million people, which is 9.2 per cent
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  • Spring '09
  • World Tourism Organization, Phoenix, Arizona, tourism industry, Travel and Tourism Industry, local tourism authorities

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TDM205 Assaignment2 - 1 UNWTO is a United Nation agency and...

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