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TDM345 essay1 - Describe the reasons and benefits for...

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Describe the reasons and benefits for establishing meeting objectives. The reason why establish meeting objectives is because those objectives are the goals of holding the meeting. For meeting managers, meeting objectives guide them what to discuss, plan, and decide in order to improve organizations or companies’ performance. Without clear reasons for establish meeting objectives, it is difficult to see if attendees achieved the purpose of the meeting. By defining clear meeting objectives, more people participate to the meeting, which help to collect more opinions about plans for meeting topics. Another benefit is that clear meeting objects will motivate attendees by expecting better discussions and knowing more about companies or organization’s future plan. What are the commonly overlooked income and expense line items and under which functional areas should they be listed? Commonly, contingency fees, attrition or cancellation charges, staff salaries, percentages of overhead administrative charges, bank/credit card fees, board and committee planning meetings, site visits, program evaluation costs, complimentary registrations, insurance premiums, legal fees, gratuities, additional service or labor charges, parking costs, on-site first aid services, web site design and maintenance, and other various, unexpected expenses and income. Those incidental fees on the above go under “Administration” area. Also, those additional costs are categorized to Program, Facilities, Food and Beverage, Marketing, Exhibits, Registration Expense, Supporting expense, and miscellaneous expense. The author in Chapter 6 discussed a “fundamental shift” in the role of the meeting planner after the 1990s.
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TDM345 essay1 - Describe the reasons and benefits for...

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