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TDM345 essay2 - 1 Describe the purpose of the program...

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1. Describe the purpose of the program outline and include the key elements the outline should include. 2. For banquet seating in rounds describe the two variables that provide a comfortable set up for guests. Be sure to detail how the set up will change if an attendee requires wheelchair accessibility. 3. What are the advantages and disadvantages to utilizing a local CVB’s housing bureau services? 4. Discuss the food preference differences between the three types of vegetarians. 5. Discuss the purpose of the exhibitor prospectus and the exhibitor service kit. Be sure to include the general contents and information each publication provides exhibitors and who is responsible for the production and creation of each piece. 6. In what ways can the meeting’s destination play a role in the implementation and promotion of a green event? 7. Describe the five ways a meeting can cover the cost of a shuttle program. 8. How does the daily logistical meeting differ from a staff briefing, and what agenda items should be covered in each type of meeting? 1. The purpose of creating program outline is to organize the each activity during the meeting. Activities are such as opening ceremony, exhibitions, and meal and social functions. Time management is one of reasons why program outline is important because it helps to estimate the total amount of time that meeting takes. Also, giving the estimating time to each activity will define what they should focus during the meeting. Objectives of the meeting give directions of what each activity need to be considered in order to increase the quality of the meeting and to satisfy needs of target attendees. 2. There are two variables provides attendees comfort when they are seated at roundtables. One of variables is to keep the number of chairs at each table to a minimum. Enough space at the table helps attendees relax and motivate to talk about the meeting topics. The other variable is that distance between the tables has to be appropriated and comfortable distance as space permits. If the distance between the tables is too close, some attendees will have hard time to hear the conversation within the group because of the noise from the other
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TDM345 essay2 - 1 Describe the purpose of the program...

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