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Health and Environmental Economic Policy Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics University of California, Berkeley Fall 2011 Lectures: MWF 3:00–4:00 pm, 160 Dwinelle Section: N/A Course Website: Instructor: Michael Anderson Contact: 642-7628, , OfFce Hours: Tuesday 2–3pm and Wednesday 4–5pm, 323 Giannini Hall Reader: Luosha Du Contact: Course Description This course introduces students to key issues and Fndings in the valuation and production of health. It combines theoretical and empirical techniques from health economics and environmental economics. At their cores, both disciplines deal with market failures – in particular, public goods, externalities, and moral hazard. The Frst part of the course provides an introduction to the theoretical framework used to analyze and value the provision of health and environmental goods. The second part focuses on policy-relevant empirical measurements of the valuation of health and safety – how much is society willing to pay for improvements in health and safety? The remaining two parts of the course explore the different ways in which we can produce health and safety. What types of investments work and what types do not? Which investments are cost effective? In these latter two parts, we Frst explore what we know about the environmental and social production of health, and then examine whether medical care is a cost effective means of producing health. The Frst goal of the course is to encourage students to consider the tradeoffs made when investing in the provision of health and environmental goods and to understand how economics can provide a framework to compare these choices and guide policy. The second goal is to familiarize students with the empirical methods that researchers use to estimate the effects of health and environmental policies. Most students will not go on to do graduate work in this Feld, but upon completion of the course they should be able to analyze a study described in the newspaper and ascertain its credibility. Prerequisites
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Syllabus+EEP+145 - Environmental Economics and Policy 145...

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