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Android Report - Chimbili - R eport 4 The Man Behind...

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Report 4 - The Man Behind Android's Rise At the core of Google Inc.'s $12.5 billion Motorola deal is Silicon Valley engineer Andy Rubin, who in six years has reordered the wireless market and positioned the Internet giant as a central player in it. Mr. Rubin 48 years old, has changed Google's organizational structure and become one of the most powerful people at the company. Mr. Rubin an entrepreneur engineer had passion to build phones and also supported startup companies. His programming skills, dedication to the product, good team, gained management support, and, visions for future, made this leader earn his reputation with Android. Sharing the revenue he earned with his team is one applaudable move that indicates his strong dedication to the team for their efforts in building Android. Google co-founders Mr. Larry Page and Mr. Sergey Bin had similar dedication and programming skills in developing today’s giant business Google Inc. Developing individual business units is one solution for freedom management that
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Android Report - Chimbili - R eport 4 The Man Behind...

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