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Kodak Report - Chimbili

Kodak Report - Chimbili - Report 3 Kodak Struggles to Find...

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Report 3 - Kodak Struggles to Find Its Moment Eastman Kodak is a 131-year old company lost much of its film business to foreign competitors, then mishandled the transition to digital cameras. Now it is quickly burning through its cash as it remakes itself into a company that sells printers and ink. Former executive who recently left the division says Kodak overestimated its ability to penetrate the printer market and there are doubts internally about whether the 2011 target can be met. Mounting competition has pushed down printer prices, raising another hurdle to profitability. The Kodak company current main source of income is intellectual property revenue, 3% of printers globally in market, ink sales, and cash generated by asset disposals. Company’s heavy cash burn is due to the pension-plan contributions, underlying problems with the business, and settlements. The stock price has taken a deep sink that the numbers bottomed below the value in 1950’s. CEO Mr. Perez is coming from HP who understands the market in printers and the board
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