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CHM 205 Fall 2007 Dr. Logan CH 8 Learning Objectives Chapter 8: Atomic Electron Configurations and Chemical Periodicity There are no equations in this chapter! It’s a great time to review equations from previous chapters and what they mean. Understand the role magnetism plays in determining and revealing atomic structure. a. Know the terms paramagnetic and diamagnetic , and classify substances based on their attraction to or repulsion by magnetic fields. b. Know the fourth quantum number, the spin quantum number m s = +1/2, -1/2 c. Recognize that each electron in an atom has a different set of the four quantum numbers, n, l , and m l, and m s . d. Understand that the Pauli exclusion principle leads to the conclusion that no atomic orbital can be assigned more than two electrons and the two electrons in an orbital must have opposite spins (different values of m s ) Understand effective nuclear charge and its role in determining atomic properties. a.
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