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Sheet1 Page 1 Lowe's Companies Inc. (LOW) Balance Sheet Fiscal year ends in January. USD in millions except per share data.,2007-01,2008-01,2009-01,2010-01,2011-01 Assets Current assets Cash Cash and cash equivalents,364,281,245,632,652 Short-term investments,432,249,416,425,471 Total cash,796,530,661,1057,1123 Inventories,7144,7611,8209,8249,8321 Deferred income taxes,161,247,166,208,193 Other current assets,213,298,215,218,330 Total current assets,8314,8686,9251,9732,9967 Non-current assets Property, plant and equipment Land,5496,5566,6144,6519,6742 Buildings and improvements,12131,13099,14834,12069,16531 Fixtures and equipment,7477,8118,8797,8826,9142 Other properties,,2053,1702,4854,930 Property and equipment, at cost,25104,28836,31477,32268,33345 Accumulated Depreciation,-6133,-7475,-8755,-9769,-11256 Property, plant and equipment, net,18971,21361,22722,22499,22089 Equity and other investments,,,,277,1008 Other long-term assets,482,822,713,497,635 Total non-current assets,19453,22183,23435,23273,23732 Total assets,27767,30869,32686,33005,33699
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Unformatted text preview: Liabilities and stockholders' equity Liabilities Current liabilities Short-term debt,111,1104,1021,552,36 Accounts payable,3524,3713,4109,4287,4351 Accrued liabilities,372,424,434,577,667 Deferred revenues,731,717,674,683,707 Other current liabilities,1801,1793,1784,1256,1358 Total current liabilities,6539,7751,8022,7355,7119 Non-current liabilities Long-term debt,4325,5576,5039,4528,6537 Deferred taxes liabilities,735,670,660,598,467 Deferred revenues,,,,,631 Other long-term liabilities,443,774,910,1455,833 Total non-current liabilities,5503,7020,6609,6581,8468 Total liabilities,12042,14771,14631,13936,15587 Stockholders' equity Common stock,762,729,735,729,677 Additional paid-in capital,102,16,277,6,11 Retained earnings,14860,15345,17049,18307,17371 Accumulated other comprehensive income,1,8,-6,27,53 Total stockholders' equity,15725,16098,18055,19069,18112 Total liabilities and stockholders' equity,27767,30869,32686,33005,33699...
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