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Psyc 4039 first exam notes-1 - MADNESS MEDICINE THE HISTORY...

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MADNESS & MEDICINE - THE HISTORY OF MEDICAL TREATMENT OF MENTAL DISORDERS Psychiatrists back in the day were using Freudian theories which is psychology pure and simple Psychiatry doesn’t get started until 1800’s or 1750’s, however, mental illness started way before then Psychiatry developed same time as mental hospitals developed here and in Europe. Coincided. This course is about severe mental illness, that many attribute to a brain disease History of Psychiatry? History of Mental Illness: History of Mental Hospitals: They are (they were) put in contempt because they behave so badly: sometimes shackled. Mentally ill are most likely to be viewed with compassion by family members, but sometimes they cannot take care of them and they push them away. No long-term mental hospitals for long term care. These people usually end up on the street or in prison. A. WHAT THIS COURSE IS NOT 1. Antipsychiatry : movement: group of people against psychiatry. Why? Checkered history. Invented horrific treatment for psychiatry patients like lobotomy 2. Antidrug: is also against modern treatment like drugs. Harmful side effects and its part of a plot on psyche’s to gain control over people and society. Group best known for these efforts is Church of Scientology 3. Antibiology: many people are against the thought that mental disorders are a biologically caused disorders B. PSYCHIATRY 1. The good a. Psychiatry saves lives : common risk in mental illness is suicide. If drugs can make people these people better, it saved lives b. Psychiatry improves the quality of life: mentally ill are more prone to violence– not saying that a mentally ill person is violent—they’re just more prone to violence 2. The bad a. Efficacy of treatments is exaggerated : Drug companies usually exaggerate b/c it helps their bottom lime b. Understanding of etiology is exaggerated : Etiology means “cause”. Exaggerated cause to justify treatment c. Over-prescription of medication: 3-6 million kids in US who are on psychiatric meds, many also on heavy anti-psychotic meds. Are they over- medicated d. Over/Misdiagnosis of mental disorder: In the past, things just considered ‘living’ and now were turning them into medical disorders 3. The ugly a. Harmful treatments: 1900-1950- psychiatry got very aggressive. They were willing to try everything– putting people in to comas, making them seizure, etc. Anything they could to try to help them b. Recklessness researchers & clinicians: Leading figures in psychiatry were real egotists. Didn’t worry that their research might be harming their patients. May have had good intentions, but b/c of their personality flaws, couldn’t see the harm they were doing c. Neglect & abuse: no other group has been as badly neglected and abused (according to the teacher) C. WHY SHOULD WE CARE ABOUT HISTORY? 1.
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Psyc 4039 first exam notes-1 - MADNESS MEDICINE THE HISTORY...

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