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1.25 - Intro to Asian Art 15:59 HanDynasty(BCE206220CE Qin...

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Intro to Asian Art 15:59 Han Dynasty (BCE 206-220 CE) Qin Shihuangdi died in 210 BCE. His heir tried to continue but terrible portents(floods, famine) arose, suggesting that the mandate of heaven had been withdrawn from house of Qin. Revolution followed and the Han dynasty was born under general Liu Bang. Chang-an(capital Xian) The Han Empire expanded in all directions, bringing China in contact with more of asia Silk Road, connecting China to the middle east,began to develop. 2 Tomb types in the Han 1.Pit-and-Shaft tombs -found earlier in shang -example:Tomb of Lady Dai at Mawangdui Gybab 2. Chambered tombs -new style -example: tomb of Liu Shengn Hebein Tomb Mound and Chamber of Lady Dai, Mawangdui Tomb #1, ca. 138  BCE [excavated 1971] Layer of Clay Layer of Lime Layer of charcoal
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Outer wooden container Inner wooden container Outer undecorated coffin 3 decorated coffins 20+ layers of silk wrapped Purpose to prevent the body from preserving
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