2.18Reci - -unified the Korean Peninsula-lasted nearly...

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Buddhism in China Colossal Buddha at Bamiyan Afghanistan 4-5 th c. H. 175’ Compared to standing bddha, Mathura,Gupta period 5 th century, CE Standing Drapery:1. string lines 2. close to body 3. covering whole body Dunhuang, 6 th c -variety of style- different regions and periods -well preserved paintings and painted clays because of its dryclimate Buddhas in Cave 248 painted clay 6 th c. Dunhuang ->Influence of gupta’s ajanta cave style Paradise of Amida, cave 217 (8 th c.), Wall painting, Dunhuang, Colorplate 8 Amida Buddha (historical buddha) Yungang Historic Buddha, Cave20, 5 th c -Northern Wei Dynasty (386-535 Ce) -founded by non-Chinese, Toba (nomadic) -actively adopted Chinese culture -datong(capital) Yungang, HistoricBuddha, Cave20 Colossal Buddha 45 feet, N. Wei 460-465 CE. Buddhism in Early Korea Koguryo-372 -Northern Wei dynasty Paekje-384 -the Eastern Jin Silla Unified Silla -overthrew Paekjeand Koguryo
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Unformatted text preview: -unified the Korean Peninsula-lasted nearly three hundredyears (668-935 CE) Buddhism in Unified Silla Two features:->hoguk-pulgyo(u )-“protect the nation Buddhism”-Pulguk (u ) Temple->idealized and perfected form-adopt international standard imported from Tang China (Chang’an)-Sokkuram cave and its Buddha SokkuramCaveTemple Dated 751 Interior Shakyamuni Buddha Granite h. 16.40’-founded in the 8 th century Rectangular entrance and circular hall Idealized and scientific plan Cealing: 180 stones; brick like stones 30 supporting stones 15 seated Boddhisattva and 10 standing The exact moment of perfect enlightenment Material- granite The attributes of the Buddha-snail shell shaped hair, elongated ears(Yungang) Body proportion-perfect balance-Tang China’s international style influenced by Gupta Dynasty...
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2.18Reci - -unified the Korean Peninsula-lasted nearly...

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