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2.22 - Shaka triad 7 th c(Japan Fig 22.4 Vs Yungang Buddha...

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Chumon(middle gate) Kondo(golden hall)fig22.4/courseweb Cross section of Kondo, Horyuji 1. space for altar and images takes up most of the interior in early Buddhist temples. 2. worship entailed circumambulating around the large central altar wall paintings in horyuji bohisattva of the western paradise H. 10’ c.710 CE canopo(of paradise) above shaka triad shaka triad in the kondo sculpted by tori busshi dated 623 gilt bronze H.46’’(image only) Figure 22.4 Shaka Triad Buddha-shaka 2 bodhisattvas Commissioned by Empress Suiko (r.593-629) On the back of the halo says the image was dedicated in 623 to insure the Prince Shotoku, who died in the previous year would be reborn in a Buddhist paradise Note: linear and geometric quality of the facial features, body pose, and drapery of the robe. “Waterfall drapery” Important terms: Shaka Bodhisattva Lotus throne Mudra Shaka: Originally entirely gilded with gold
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Unformatted text preview: Shaka triad, 7 th c. (Japan) Fig. 22.4 Vs. Yungang Buddha Courseweb 5-storied Pagoda, Horyuji, Late 7 th c. The pagoda is the symbol Evolution of the stupa The pagoda is an expansion over time of the stupa form. Symbolism= the resting place of the buuddhas relics The stupa/pagoda= the Buddha Interior design of the Horyuji Pagoda (courseweb)-generally contained no images-intended to be circumambulated like the stupa Heart pillar Relics Courseweb Yumedono(Hall of dreams)-separate complex located just east of Horyuji-Yumedono is a small octagonal hall Houses an important wood sculpture J:Kannon(Sk. Avalokiteshvara; C: Kuan-yin)-Bodhisattva of Mercy hidden image-encased in a wooden shrine and unopened for centuries Gilt crown Yumedono Kannon Horyuji 7 th c. Gilt wood H: 77 inches Fig.22.6/courseweb 22.1 22.3 22.4 22.5 22.6...
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2.22 - Shaka triad 7 th c(Japan Fig 22.4 Vs Yungang Buddha...

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