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HA&A 0020 Introduction to Asian Art Frick Fine Arts Building Department of Art History University of Pittsburgh Instructor: Prof. Karen M. Gerhart (kgerhart@pitt.edu) Office: Room 235 Frick Fine Arts Bldg. Office phone: 648-2194. Introduction An introductory course in the history of art can have a tremendous impact on students who take one. Even if you have never had another art history course, this will serve as an introduction and guide to a world of visual and intellectual richness that is accessible to you when you give it an earnest effort. Art history is a discipline which demands equal parts of art and science, creativity and organization. HAA 0020 is a general introduction to the Arts of Asia (India, China, Korea, and Japan). The works of art are important in their own contexts and we want to learn what they reveal about their parent cultures. We must also keep in mind that this art is comparable to that of other cultures as well, either because its creation was in response to similar needs, as with the art of early cultures (Weeks 1-4), or with a religion such as Buddhism (Weeks 5-7), or because of actual interaction between groups. Seen in this way the art may seem more readily understandable, more sympathetic, more human even if you know nothing about the Asian world when you begin. There are thousands of works of art available for study; they are part of our world heritage. What are they? How are they
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0020Syllabus2011 - HA&A 0020 Introduction to Asian Art...

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