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Asian Religions and their arts

Asian Religions and their arts - 15:59...

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Asian Religions and their arts 15:59 The Beginnings of Buddhism in India Life of the Buddha(560-483 BCE)  pp 13 Supernatural Birth Renunciation of princely life in Nepal Period as an ascetic Enlightenment under the bodhi tree, after 49 days released from the cycle  of rebirth Preached the message of enlightenment  Death and parinirvana—becons the Buddha(attained complete awakening) The beginnings of Buddhism in India(c.300 BCE-200 CE) Aciconic imagery:the presence of the Buddha without images Stupa at sanchi capital at sarnath chaitya hall at karli Maurya dynasty (322-185 BCE)  pp13  buquan In 334 BCE Alexander the great, ruler of Greece and Macedonia, crossed  into Asia and conquered Persia(area of Gandhara) four years later o Went on to subdue northern India: died in 323 BCE o After his death a great warrior, Chandragupta Maurya joined together  all the local rulers in north central India and had himself crowned king,  establishing the Maurya dynasty o
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