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Phys 0174 - CEx _8 Solution

Phys 0174 - CEx _8 Solution - COMPUTEREXERCISE#8Solution...

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09/13/2011 14:21:44 COMPUTER EXERCISE #8 Solution: Phys 0174 Fall 2008 P. Koehler   Names of team members: P. Koehler Date: October 12, 2008 Score: Max. score = 60 Answers to Problem 1: value unit (a) vB2 = -1.02 m/s (b) The collision is … because … elastic K1=K2 (c) VAB = 2.591 m/s (d) The collision is … because … inelastic K1 K2 Answers to Problem 2: value unit (a) speed vA2 = 4.27 m/s (b) speed vB2 =  1.85 m/s (c) impulse magnitude =  0.69 kg*m/s      impulse direction =  129 deg (d) magnitude of Fav. =  346 N Answers to Problem 3: value unit (a) xCM0 = 0.150 m (b) vCM0= 1.00 m/s (c) vAf = -5.00 m/s (d) vCMf= 1.00 m/s (e) the collision is: inelastic     because Kf   K0 (g) vCM= constant Paste your plot for Problem #3 here. Instructions:   Do all 3 problems that are given in the sheets that follow this TOP SHEET and the EQUATIONS sheet.  Your answers to  the problems will be automatically copied into the indicated cells on this TOP SHEET.  Do not try to enter them yourself.  If  you manage to corrupt your copy of this file, don't get upset; just  reload the original file.  If you do not complete this exercise during the class time, save your work on a floppy disk or other mass storage device  and finish the work at home with your team members.  When your team is done,  print out just this TOP SHEET (2 pages) and and them in.   Make sure the names of all  members of your team are shown, including yourself.   Please submit only one print-out per team.     Your print-out for this Computer Exercise must be turned in no later than the end of your next Computer Exercise  Session during the week of October 20th.   S 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 -15 -10 -5 0 5 10 15 20 x-positions vs. time Column B Column C Column D time [s] x-position [m]
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Here are some relationships that may be helpful: Kinetic energy is defined as: K = ½mv 2 Linear Momentum (a vector quantity): p = m* v Impulse (a vector quantity): Conservation of Linear Momentum : If the sum of the external forces acting on an object or a system of objects is zero, the linear momentum of the object or the total linear momentum of the system of objects is conserved (remains constant).
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Phys 0174 - CEx _8 Solution - COMPUTEREXERCISE#8Solution...

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