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Phys 0174 - CEx _6 (practice exam _1)

Phys 0174 - CEx _6 (practice exam _1) - COMPUTEREXERCISE#6...

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COMPUTER EXERCISE #6: Phys 0174 Fall 2008 P. Koehler Names of team members: Max. total score= 100 My total score= 0 Answer 1: units ? max points: 5 points earned: 0 Problem 1: An airplane passes over marker A on the ground and from that time on flies in a direction equal to 40 degrees north of east with a speed of 375 km/h for 35 minutes. Then the pilot changes course and flies 30 degrees west of north with a speed of 425 km/h for the next 65 minutes, at which time he passes over marker B on the ground. Assume that the ground is level, the plane flies at a constant altitude, and there is no wind. Question (1a): What is the magnitude of the displacement (in km) from marker A to marker B? Instructions: This is a practice test covering the material that you should know for Hour Examination #1 on Monday, October 6, 2008. DO THIS EXERCISE , but DO NOT turn in your work . You may work on these problems as a team, but each of you must understand how to solve them because during the hour exam you will be on your own. Look up any equations you may need in the textbook. (In the actual exam I will provide an equation sheet.) Use columns J through P to the right of each problem to record the constants given in the problem and to calculate your answers. Use the computer for all numerical calculations. If you enter the correct numrical answer to a question, you will receive the maximum assigned points. The program does not give partial credit. Later in the week, after you have done your best to solve these problems on your own, I will provide the password which you may use it to unlock the solutions which are given on the right, starting in column R. The Hour Examination on Monday will certainly have fewer problems, but most will have several parts.
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Answer 2: units ?
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Phys 0174 - CEx _6 (practice exam _1) - COMPUTEREXERCISE#6...

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