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General Biological Science test 2

General Biological Science test 2 - A Water has a strong...

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Question: Why does a lack or decreased production of insulin cause diabetes mellitus? A Insulin is required for glucose uptake by cells B Insulin is required for excretion of glucose C Insulin is required for glucose breakdown D Insulin is required for converting glucose to glycogen E Insulin is required for synthesis of glucose Question: Neurotransmitters are: A Chemicals found in vesicles at the presynaptic cell B Electrical stimuli located at the synapse C Neuron impulses located in the brain D Enzymes found in the cell body Question: The ____________ is an important organ for maintaining homeostasis. Some of its functions include maintaining water balance, acid levels, and electrolytes levels within the body. A Kidney B Heart C Stomach D Brain E Liver Question: You are sitting by a lake and drop a leaf on the lake noticing it floats on top of the water. Which of the following properties of water could help explain what you observe?
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Unformatted text preview: A Water has a strong surface tension B Water can dissolve large quantities of solutes C Water is more dense when it is liquid than when frozen D Water has a high specific heat E None of these can explain what you observe Question: Proteins are made up of Question: Which of the following is a type of lipid? A Oils B Steroids C Triglycerides D All of the above are lipids Question: Which of the following do living organisms maintain in homeostasis? A Temperature B pH C Chemical building blocks D Water E Electrolytes F All of the above Question: Which of the following does Dr. Thomas NOT list as an example of an electrolyte on the video? A Sodium B Potassium C Protein D Chloride E Manganese Question: A triglyceride contains __________ fatty acid chains, while a phospholipid contains __________ fatty acid chains. Question: Nucleotides are the building blocks for...
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