law 4 - C) Ralph has breached the agent's duty of loyalty...

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One major purpose of the Fair Labor Standards Act is to provide: A) Restrictions on child labor. Which of the following relationships does not constitute an agency relationship? D) Principal/Employer. Polygraph tests? C) May be legally used by private companies that manufacture or sell controlled substances to screen and randomly check current employees. Homeowner Mike has called High's, a local home supply company and asked for an estimate to have a fence installed. High's has contracts with a number of contractors to do contract work for them. High's sends Ralph, one of its approved fence contractors, Ralph to do the estimate. After giving Mike an estimate of $2,000 to do the fence through High's, Ralph tells Mike that if he calls him directly, his company can install the fence for $1,600. Mike calls Ralph who then installs the fence pocketing the $1,600.
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Unformatted text preview: C) Ralph has breached the agent's duty of loyalty and of accounting. Your professor has a written contract with your school giving your professor the authority to teach your class. Your professor when teaching is acting under: A) Actual authority. Moe has hired Larry to arrange to purchase Curley's land on behalf of Moe. Which of the following is correct? B) Larry is the agent. Most limits and exceptions to the doctrine of employment at-will are based on: D) Public policy violations. Overtime pay is required under the FLSA when an employee has worked: C) 40 hours. Generally, the FLSA sets the minimum age for employment of a minor at age: C) 14. Authority which the third party may reasonable assume that the agent possesses is called: C) Apparent authority....
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law 4 - C) Ralph has breached the agent's duty of loyalty...

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