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law 12 - intentionally discriminated against the plaintiff...

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The Civil Rights Act applies to employers with ___________ or more employees. B) 15 Employers can discriminate against a person if they can prove a ___________ reasonably necessary to normal business operations. C) BFOQ The Labor Department administers executive orders through: C) the OFCCP Polls show that almost ________of the general population disapproves of affirmative action. D) 75% The Age Discrimination in Employment Act forbids mandatory retirement policies regarding: D) secretaries In a Title VII civil action to prove _________________, the plaintiff must convince the court that the employer
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Unformatted text preview: intentionally discriminated against the plaintiff. A) disparate treatment John is a Christian and does not want to work on Sundays. If he tells this to the employer, the employer must make a __________ to meet John's religious needs. C) reasonable accommodation _________________ is the practice of setting different test score requirements for employment based on race or one of the other Title VII categories. B) race norming Section 1981 of the Civil Rights Act of 1866 covers what type of discrimination? D) race...
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