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test 10 - D new generation jail The keeping of inmates in...

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What two states pioneered the penitentiary movement? A) Pennsylvania and New York B) Massachusetts and Virginia C) Rhode Island and Delaware D) Virginia and New York According to Irwin, when did "correctional institutions" become the dominant type of prison? A) 1880s B) 1930s C) 1950s D) 1970s Which of the following is NOT an example of the kinds of rehabilitation programs typically offered prison inmates? A) work programs B) counseling and therapy C) conjugal visitation D) education and vocational training The classification assigned to an inmate to indicate the degree of precaution that needs to be taken when working with that inmate is called _____. A) security level B) maximum security C) custody level D) supervision level A _____ is a very short-term holding facility that is frequently located in or very near a police agency so that suspects can be held pending further inquiry. A) classification facility B) lockup C) crisis intervention facility
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Unformatted text preview: D) new generation jail The keeping of inmates in secure isolation so that they cannot harm others is called _____. A) protective custody B) administrative segregation C) transportation D) banishment A (an) _____ is an arrangement in which staff learn from inmate informants about the presence of contraband, the potential for disruptions, and other threats to security. A) Auburn system B) Pennsylvania system C) snitch system D) contraband system A phase of institutional corrections during which crime was seen as symptomatic of personal illness in need of treatment defines the _____. A) medical model B) Auburn system C) reformatory movement D) Pennsylvania system Instances of prison sex can be divided into three basic categories, which are listed below. Which one does NOT belong? A) Consensual sex for gratification B) Sexual assault C) Voyeurism D) Prostitution...
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test 10 - D new generation jail The keeping of inmates in...

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