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test 12 - A first-generation jails B second-generation...

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Which of the following has NOT been found about private correctional facilities? A) construction cost savings of 25 percent or more are common for private facilities B) private contractors can rarely deliver correctional services more cost-effectively than public employees C) necessary changes in the nature and scope of prisoner programs can be made quicker and easier in private facilities D) the existence of private facilities in a jurisdiction sometimes encourages improvements in the public facilities in that jurisdiction Which of the following is NOT a function of jails? A) holding individuals for contempt B) housing inmates for federal, state, or other authorities because of crowding in their facilities C) holding witnesses for the courts D) all of the above are functions Which of the following types of jails is based on the philosophy of direct supervision?
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Unformatted text preview: A) first-generation jails B) second-generation jails C) third-generation jails D) fourth-generation jails According to your textbook, which of the following represents one of the darkest chapters in the history of American corrections? A) the recent privatization movement B) the convict lease system C) boot camps D) HIV in prisons Which of the following jurisdictions had the largest average daily jail population at the end of 2004? A) Los Angeles County, CA B) New York City, NY C) Cook County, IL D) Maricopa County, AZ Approximately what percent of state prison inmates are female? A) 7 B) 14 C) 28 D) 42 Which of the following races/ethnicities has the largest percentage of state prison inmates? A) Whites B) Blacks C) Hispanics D) Others...
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test 12 - A first-generation jails B second-generation...

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