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The US is built on immigration. Most Americans, whether they are of European, African, Hispanic, or Pacific/Asian descent, had ancestors who immigrated to the US from other countries. These immigrants have made the US arguably the wealthiest country in the world. At this point, though, the US can’t support unlimited immigration. The problems on the Mexican border show the difficulties with allowing immigration in a relatively uncontrolled way. Labor prices would plummet, an already depressed job market would suffer, and the people who came to the US looking for a better life would eventually not be able to find it here. Unfortunately, mere financial need should not drive immigration policy. US immigration policy should be driven by the needs of the country. As such, it should continue to allow people to immigrate who have specialized skills that can drive the economy. For all its wealth, the US does not lead the world in skills in science and
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Unformatted text preview: math. Bringing in people with excellent academic skills and business knowledge can allow the US to continue to be competitive economically. In my opinion, the US should also attempt to resolve the Mexican border problem with more compassionate and realistic emigration policy. Recognizing that agriculture in the Southern US relies on Mexican labor, for example, and allowing seasonal workers to cross the border, would allow the agricultural industry in the US to compete economically with Mexican agriculture while still conforming to law. Finally, the US should allow a small and controlled number of immigrants who are politically repressed, coming from dictatorial regimes, and in fear of their lives. This compassionate immigration policy would improve the worldview of the US and would be an ethical and responsible way of sharing US democracy and freedom with those in direst need....
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