CheckPoint A Microfinance MIS

CheckPoint A Microfinance MIS - The Mifos software will...

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The Mifos Initiative is a management information system (MIS), which uses an open source approach to help eliminate the technology barrier. Using an open source strategy provides the flexibility and freedom for users to control their product and data, as well as help keep the software up to date and always improving, as more people will be able to give their input and ideas on how to improve quality and productivity. The Mifos technology is a great tool used to help microfinance institutions to enable poverty stricken countries to better themselves. Many of these people have nothing, but through Mifos, microfinance institutions can offer these people loans to help start their own business and better their lives, as well as their countries economy. Using open source technology makes Mifos highly flexible, and cost efficient.
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Unformatted text preview: The Mifos software will allow for business to be better organized. The Mifos user can view all of their client information from personal info to loan payment amounts. They can view different information regarding loans and savings accounts, including interest calculations, payment due dates, as well as make adjustments on loans. Mifos users also have access to a wide array of reports ranging from paid and unpaid loans to progress reports for their business. Mifos is a great tool to help bring microfinance to all poverty filled areas, and help the less privileged live a more deserving life. References Grammen Foundation. (2011). Mifos. Retrieved September 9, 2011, from:
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CheckPoint A Microfinance MIS - The Mifos software will...

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