HW02-problems-1 - alwaheeb (ma37495) – HW02 – criss –...

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Unformatted text preview: alwaheeb (ma37495) – HW02 – criss – (024811) 1 This print-out should have 13 questions. Multiple-choice questions may continue on the next column or page – find all choices before answering. 001 10.0 points Highway safety engineers build soft barriers so that cars hitting them will slow down at a safe rate. A person wearing a safety belt can withstand an acceleration of 300 m / s 2 . How thick should barriers be to safely stop a car that hits the barriers at 109 km / h? Answer in units of m 002 10.0 points An engineer in a locomotive sees a car stuck on the track at a railroad crossing in front of the train. When the engineer first sees the car, the locomotive is 160 m from the crossing and its speed is 19 m / s. If the engineer’s reaction time is 0 . 22 s, what should be the magnitude of the mini- mum deceleration to avoid an accident? Answer in units of m / s 2 003 10.0 points A ball is thrown vertically upward with an initial speed of 27 m / s . Then, 1 . 7 s later, a stone is thrown straight up (from the same...
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HW02-problems-1 - alwaheeb (ma37495) – HW02 – criss –...

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