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This post is a really good post. It makes students be aware of the most common problem that bathers most of the professors. I think the post is pointing at students who spend most of the time in front of the computer. They simply spread emails to their professors which is the easiest way to get answers for their questions, unimportant ones. I think it is an unrespectful behaviour which represents the laziness of students. All these behaviours waste the professor’s time on stuff that he/she already explained. Even though the BlackBoard technology is availabe for us, that does not mean we have to use the advatage of on a wrong way. Asking random questions by email means that the professor was wasting his time talking in class. If they really made Blackboard for that purpose then why do we even to go to class, we can just ask whatever comes on mind. The syllabus is the second reference that students can find their answers after paying attention in class. It has all the info listed with dates specifically. In addition to all these, the
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