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Black langauge - focused on the black language Its started...

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Manaf Alwaheeb Mrs. Susan Taylor ENC 1102-045 January 22, 2011 According to the article “ If Black English Isn’t a language, Then Tell Me, What Is?” it clarifies the topic which is not looking for the beginning of the black English because it is already known from history. It tries to explain the confusion of the role of the language. It also explains that even though the variety of languages around the world, there is a common language that most people use it to communicate with others from other countries. After all these explanation, the article turned the tone and started comparing the language with valuable stuff and its prices. The article mentioned an example of how French has destroyed, and how English has appeared between most of the countries around the world. Then, it started wondering how people would sound if they were all white or if they were all black. It tries to find out wither the language we use nowadays has affected by the other people’s color. The writer of the article only
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Unformatted text preview: focused on the black language. Its started when black people got evolved as slaves on the American society. That was the way how the Black language has grown up into this high level which is commonly used nowadays. Personally, I think the article is well-constructed argument. It has taken the historical facts about the topic which was the beginning of the black language. It also explain how the black language has entered the American society. However, I did not like the topic itself. I feel the writer was racing a lot against white people from the way he speaks. For instance when he talk about black people, he says “ we black.” Even though that clarifies in which side the writer belong, it was not a good way in addressing it. Over all, I think the writer won his point because he had his clear points, and he mentioned some creditable quotes which supported his argument....
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