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Alwaheeb 1 Manaf Alwaheeb Professor Susan Taylor ENC 1101-116 February 11, 2011 Domestic Violence against Women Newspaper article Duchon-Voyles, Amilia. “From Dangerous Home to Safe House.” The New York Times, 21 Oct. 2010. Web. ……. 1 Feb. 2011. The newspaper article states the experience and condition of a woman who was a victim of domestic violence. She had gotten out of her home for grocery and somehow secretly managed to contact a magazine author to help her escaping from the domestic violence. The author took her along with her in the car and tried to comfort her. The victim was too worried and scared but the author convinced her that the farther off and she is in a better place now. The article goes on to speak about the fears and uncertainties which arise when one takes a daring step to get out of situations such as domestic violence. The author being a victim herself was well aware of what was going on in the victim’s state of mind. The victim’s mind was naturally haunted by concerns such as raising child without father, financial assistance, social standing, fear of being a single parent etc. Knowing all these factors, the author carefully analyzed the circumstances and instead of suggesting jumping into filing divorce she rather comforted the victim to feel safe, secure and self sufficient which was required first hand. Once the mental state of the victim was revitalized and she was strong enough to face the challenges of life ahead of her and her child, only then the divorce was filed. Decisions must only be made when state of mind is normal and free from any fear, uncertainty or pressure. Same strategy should hold in cases of domestic violence.
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Video AvonFoundation. Avon Speak Out Against Domestic Violence Video . Avon Foundation for Women, 25 April ……. 2008. Youtube. Web. 1 Feb 2011. From what statistics say in the video, one out of every three women in the United States in the victim of domestic abuse or violence either by her life partner or just someone she is dating. According to an estimate, around fifteen million children witness violence against their mothers in each of the families each year. To put an end to this horror, an organization called Avon foundation for women who encourage them to step forward and openly speak up against the violence they are subjected to. This foundation also raises funds and spreads awareness regarding the victims of domestic violence. It encourages women to feel confirmable to express her opinion and prevent that kind of violence. Their aim is directed towards spreading the understanding amongst the masses on a big scale. They are trying to deliver their goals to all women which are their audiences. By all means this violence has got to stop. From what we learn and witness in life, the severity of this matter is huge. As expected, one in every
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Domestic_Violence_against_Women[1] - Alwaheeb 1 Manaf...

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