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Alwaheeb 1 Manaf Alwaheeb Professor Susan Taylor ENC 1101-116 March 24, 2011 Dowry: Custom or Crime? Dowry is nothing but a culturally canonic and socially acceptable form of violence against both men and women. In spite of relatively ignorant and extemporary adoption of globalization as a lifestyle, it is nothing but unusual that the foundation of marriage is still integral in the South Asian region including Pakistan, India and Bangladesh (Parveen). Marriage is a very significant event in life of a Pakistani woman. The measure of significance can be learned from the fact that an early marriage is considered extremely lucky for a girl. The term used for dowry in South Asia is “Jahez” (Parveen). This takes a backbreaking cost on the family of the bride called “dulhan” (Parveen). Dowry is a multi dimensional fundamentally rooted gender issue with economic, social, and health aftermaths. Despite unanimity on disfavor of the sick tradition, very few have the courage to disown it. As per a famous Indian writer Shri Sharma, the phylogeny of dowry is primitively from a “gift” making anticipations and expectations contributing to the humanly needs and greed. (Parveen) While researching the subject, I found some interesting views in favor of the existing dowry system. Some labeled it as “easy money” which required no effort in terms of earning (Cherry). They think that this should be able to facilitate the newly wedded couple (Cherry). Also there was some mention of how the collected dowry can be passed on to siblings in their marriage. All these views originate from the initial intention of facilitating the groom in order to start his new life and offer some financial protection to him, his wife and his children. (Cherry)
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Alwaheeb 2 I respect the intention, but I feel sad the way it got hijacked by demons of greed and
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Dowry(2) - Alwaheeb 1 Manaf Alwaheeb Professor Susan Taylor...

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