HOMELESSNESS 2 - Alwaheeb 1 Manaf Alwaheeb Professor Susan...

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Manaf Alwaheeb Professor Susan Taylor ENC 1102-045 April 25, 2011 Alwaheeb 1 HOMELESSNESS In a country as developed as the US one would assume homelessness wouldn’t be as grave an issue as it is. The government of United States defined homeless people through a federal act in the year 1987 (“Mckinney-Vento”). Homelessness has been debated upon time and again by various politicians, social workers and many more while sitting in the comfort of our homes and having the luxury of eating warm meals three times a day, one cannot fathom the ordeal that these people have to go through every day. The anxiety of finding a shelter before the cold sets in, standing in long queues to get food and fighting for a place to spend long lonely nights are experiences that you and I cannot live in our worst nightmares. Despite all the talks and the work put in by various organizations the menace of homelessness is on the rise. According to the US department of Housing and Urban Development, there were mammoths 643,067 homeless on a single night in January 2009 ( Donovan) . The question is in a country as prosperous as ours, where do all these people come from? There are some of the main reasons of homelessness in the United States. Lack of affordable housing is one of the prime reasons for people of lower middle class to leave their homes and look for a temporary abode in the shelter homes. Second, the trend of living in ones car is gaining popularity amongst the teenagers who cannot afford to the cost of proper housing. Third, People who are not mentally very capable or those suffering from various mental illness such as schizophrenia, hysteria, mania, MPB, make
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Alwaheeb 2 up a major percentage of people who are homeless. Finally, the main reasons why people don’t have a permanent residence and are left fend for themselves on the streets is the lack of facilities catering to them. If there had been adequate centers for the mentally challenged then these people would not have been on the streets. In order to counter the problem of homelessness the government should provide
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HOMELESSNESS 2 - Alwaheeb 1 Manaf Alwaheeb Professor Susan...

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