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Last weekend was one of the best weekends ever. On Friday, I had a small accident which was a flat tire. I skipped two of my morning classes because of that stupid accident. However, the best part of the day was when we lost our match in soccer at the same night. I slept over my friend's apartment because I was so tiered to drive back to my place. I woke up at 1pm, had an evening breakfast. And the story continues until we played a soccer match at New Tampa. We end up winning the match. I went back to my apartment, had a shower, and rest for bit. My friend called me to decide what we will do at that night. We end up choosing to go for a movie, but i was so tiered that time. Anyway, we went there, but i really don't remember which movie was that because i slept the whole time. I think it was a good movie because my friend's were happy afterward. And again, I slept on my friend's apartment because i was exhausted. Once i woke up, i checked my email, and there was the saddest email ever. It was an email
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