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Manaf Alwaheeb Mrs. Susan Taylor ENC 1102-045 February 1, 2011 According to the article “ Mother Tongue “ which is by Amy Tan, at the very beginning she was introducing her English background and how she is in love with language. She has given a speech to a large group of people. That speech was given to half of those people. She planned to say the same talk that she did with the other group. Unfortunately, something went wrong, something different than what she used to. She talked in a different way than what she used to speak with her family. She used a standard English that been used in schools and books, fuelled past perfect tense, conditional phrases, and nominalized forms. After all, were trying to infer that the way she talk has change even in her daily life. This change comes automatically to her which is talking in a standard English. Tan has switched her article to the way how her mother talks. Because she is interested in language, she started study her mother’s speech. She started writing
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mother tongue - M anaf Alwaheeb M rs Susan Taylor ENC...

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