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Unformatted text preview: The link was really helpful for me. Even though I have used the data bases before, I have not tried the guidance tool. I am quiet familiar with the data bases and how to use it, but the video went more into details that would help in the future on my papers. The video had showed how can I find the materials that I wanted directly. In the same while, it had explained what should I do if I got struggled in anything while writing my paper. It had encouraged me not to stop writing until I meet someone on the writing center. From the video there were several ways that I can use in order to get assistance. I have learned a lot from the last semester. I have learned that the data basis is a really helpful tool that helped me with my papers. It has a lot of advantages that took my work to an advanced level. It helped me on supporting my ideas by adding well-educated information. It is an easy way to find credible and trusted sources online. It also made it easier for me over the new technology to have these credible and trusted sources online....
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