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April 25 th Presentations: (These will be in the Marshall Student Center atrium area. Please bring your laptop so if you choose to produce a video or if you choose to propose a specific event. You will need to film the event, and that will serve as your presentation. Please bring copies of your tangible items if you choose to produce brochures, works or art, etc.) April 27 th Project Description In this project, you will lean on the knowledge from Project One and Project Two to help you research a topic of personal and social significance and then argue for specific change . As you begin to look for issues, ask yourself what in the world needs changing, perhaps on a local, global, political, or social level. Your job is to convince your readers of the importance of your chosen topic and motivate them to enact change by offering a well-researched and persuasive argument . It’s not enoug h, however, to argue for a change; this project will also ask you to participate in enacting some sort of change . Outcomes Successfully integrates personal narrative of social action experience Successfully constructs an argument that works as a tool for change Successfully integrates sources that support or illuminate the focus of the essay Anticipates possible objections and addresses them Suggests applicable courses of action Successfully employs first person in relaying personal experience Use the writing process, including invention, drafting, revising, peer review, and editing strategies Use academic conventions such as MLA Use multiple genres to present arguments (e.g, letter, website, video, artwork, flyer, pamphlet, panel, demonstration) Due Dates (Note: I have extended the deadlines from the ones previously assigned in the syllabus) Draft One: (This needs to include a complete draft of the essay and a
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Project Three Description - English Composition 1102...

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