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Manaf Alwaheeb ENC 1102-045 April 17, 2011 I would like to celebrate project three from my Composition II class. Even though the project is still on progress, I think it is going to be the one that I would choose to celebrate even after few years. I don't think I would ever forget about this project. I never thought that it is going to be more than just an essay writing. I spent my composition I class and two previous projects from composition II class researching and writing about issues that I care about. I will just earn credits after writing these projects, but I will not take a look at them anymore after the submission. Project three on the other hand will be totally different. It is going to be one of the best memories that I would have on my mind from my college life. I always wanted to help, volunteer, or even get involve in organizations. I chose the homeless as the a topic that I am always concerned about.
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Unformatted text preview: I don't think homeless is a global concern. I have travelled to many countries around the world, and I never seen a big number of homeless like her in the United States which refers that there is something wrong with they system here. Thats's why I chose this topic, and I wanted to research and actually do something about it. Composition II class gave me this opportunity which is to do something about the homeless. After writing an essay about it, I am willing to volunteer on feeding the homeless as a social action for my topic. It will take place in downtown Tampa where organization's shelters park to help the homeless. The purpose of the essay is to research about the problem. Then, feeding the homeless is to do a social action toward it. Finally, I have to present what I have done in this project for the public. Thus, it would spread the beneficial of my experience with the homeless to the students....
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