brain - Little brown bat,0.01,0.25 Man,62,1320 Mole...

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Sheet1 Page 1 species,bodykg,braing African elephant,6654,5712 African giant pouched rat,1,6.6 Arctic Fox,3.385,44.5 Arctic ground squirrel,0.92,5.7 Asian elephant,2547,4603 Baboon,10.55,179.5 Big brown bat,0.023,0.3 Brazilian tapir,160,169 Cat,3.3,25.6 Chimpanzee,52.16,440 Chinchilla,0.425,6.4 Cow,465,423 Desert hedgehog,0.55,2.4 Donkey,187.1,419 Eastern American mole,0.075,1.2 Echidna,3,25 European hedgehog,0.785,3.5 Galago,0.2,5 Genet,1.41,17.5 Giant armadillo,60,81 Giraffe,529,680 Goat,27.66,115 Golden hamster,0.12,1 Gorilla,207,406 Gray seal,85,325 Gray wolf,36.33,119.5 Ground squirrel,0.101,4 Guinea pig,1.04,5.5 Horse,521,655 Jaguar,100,157 Kangaroo,35,56 Lesser shorttailed shrew,0.005,0.14
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Unformatted text preview: Little brown bat,0.01,0.25 Man,62,1320 Mole rat,0.122,3 Mountain beaver,1.35,8.1 Mouse,0.023,0.4 Musk shrew,0.048,0.33 N. American opossum,1.7,6.3 Nine-banded armadillo,3.5,10.8 Okapi,250,490 Owl monkey,0.48,15.5 Patas monkey,10,115 Phanlanger,1.62,11.4 Pig,192,180 Rabbit,2.5,12.1 Raccoon,4.288,39.2 Rat,0.28,1.9 Red fox,4.235,50.4 Rhesus monkey,6.8,179 Rock hyrax (Hetero. b),0.75,12.3 Sheet1 Page 2 Rock hyrax (Procavia hab),3.6,21 Roe deer,14.83,98.2 Sheep,55.5,175 Slow loris,1.4,12.5 Star nosed mole,0.06,1 Tenrec,0.9,2.6 Tree hyrax,2,12.3 Tree shrew,0.104,2.5 Vervet,4.19,58 Water opossum,3.5,3.9 Yellow-bellied marmot,4.05,17...
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brain - Little brown bat,0.01,0.25 Man,62,1320 Mole...

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