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Sheet1 Page 1 # To use R commander to generate samples: # > library(Rcmdr) # From Rcmdr menu: # Distributions # --> Continuous Distributinos # --> Exponential Distribution # --> Sample from Exponential distribution # Select number of samples and sample size etc. # Equivalently, copy the following comands into the command window: #matrix with 50 samples of size n=100 from the exponential distribution #last column has the sample mean ExponentialSamples <-*100, rate=1), ncol=100))
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Unformatted text preview: rownames(ExponentialSamples) <- paste("sample", 1:50, sep="") colnames(ExponentialSamples) <- paste("obs", 1:100, sep="") ExponentialSamples$mean <- rowMeans(ExponentialSamples[,1:100]) # Now let's look at the sample and the sample means. .. # histogram of one of the first sample hist(as.numeric(ExponentialSamples[1,-101])) #histogram of the sample means hist(ExponentialSamples[,101])...
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