Skin - NE,122,41.5 NV,191,30 NJ,159,40.2 NM,141,35...

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Sheet1 Page 1 state,"mortality","latitude" AL,219,33 AZ,160,34.5 AR,170,35 CA,182,37.5 CO,149,39 CT,159,41.8 DE,200,39 DC,177,39 FL,197,28 GA,214,33 ID,116,44.5 IL,124,40 IN,128,40.2 IA,128,42.2 KS,166,38.5 KY,147,37.8 LA,190,31.2 ME,117,45.2 MD,162,39 MA,143,42.2 MI,117,43.5 MN,116,46 MS,207,32.8 MO,131,38.5 MT,109,47
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Unformatted text preview: NE,122,41.5 NV,191,30 NJ,159,40.2 NM,141,35 NY,152,43 NC,199,35.5 ND,115,47.5 OH,131,40.2 OK,182,35.5 OR,136,44 PA,132,40.8 RI,137,41.8 SD,86,44.8 TN,186,36 TX,229,31.5 UT,142,39.5 VT,153,44 VA,166,37.5 WA,117,47.5 WV,136,38.8 WI,110,44.5 WY,134,43...
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