Sound_Change_vs_Analogy_regular_irregular_ - SOUND CHANGE...

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S OUND C HANGE R EGULAR S PORADIC P HONETICALLY - C ONDITIONED S TRUCTURALLY - C ONDITIONED F AST F URIOUS : frequency effects (“wear and tear”) [ time vs. thyme ] F AULTY : “S PEECH E RRORS Assimilation Chain Shifts (Grimm’s Law?) greetings & leave-takings [ God Be With You > good-bye > bye ] metathesis (cp. spoonerisms) Weakening (Verner’s Law) terms of address [ ma’am ] dissimilation (cp. tongue-twisters) Loss clitics Epenthesis S OUND C HANGE : refers only to changes in sound which have no non-phonetic conditions. Typically regular (applying wherever its conditions allow it too).
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Sound_Change_vs_Analogy_regular_irregular_ - SOUND CHANGE...

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