Information_ProcessingM - Theories of Learning How do...

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Unformatted text preview: Theories of Learning How do people learn ? Goal: Explore the ways that educationa psychologists conceptualized how learn takes place . 1.) Cognitive Models of Learning 2.) Behavioral Models of Learning 3.) Emotional Models of Learning 4.) Motivation to Learn Models 5.) Constructivist Models of Learning BEHAVIORIST HUMANIST COGNITIVIST SOCIAL LEARNING CONSTRUCTIVIST LEARNING AN INFORMATION PROCESSING MODEL OF LEARNING AND MEMORY Effective teachers and parents gain insight into the learning process by having a robust understanding of the mental aspects of learning in terms of the acquisition, storage, and use of Catalogue a set of insights about the status and natur of information at various levels of processing that impacts both teaching and learning. Main Points for Today The mind is designed to acquire and process information to construct meaning. Cognitive science studies the human processing of information. Information is mentally represented in many different ways and states. Learners use strategies to deal with the tremendous amount of information which is available to the mind to use to complete tasks. Cognitive strategies can be learned through experience or instruction The human mind uses structured information to deal with perception,...
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Information_ProcessingM - Theories of Learning How do...

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