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RESEARCH METHODS IN EDUCATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY Weekly Secret Effective teachers and parents are action researchers using the rigor of the scientific methods to gather data to guide decisions. Design a sound and adequate research plan whose completion would yield valuable information about a teaching or learning concern of contemporary society. Two Important Concepts to consider: Scientific Theory Scientific Theory Basic Research Basic Research
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A scientific theory scientific theory is an explanation or model based on observation, experimentation, and reasoning, especially one that has been tested and confirmed by research as a general principle helping to explain and predict a natural phenomena. In essence, theories explain observable events in a meaningful way. Theory example: Cognitive Learning Theory is a general approach that views learning as an active mental process of acquiring, remembering, and using knowledge. Learning is evidenced by a change in knowledge which makes a change in behavior possible. Learning it self is not directly observable. General Assumptions of Cognitive Theories 1. Cognitive processes are the focus of study. 2. Individuals are actively involved in the learning process. 3. Knowledge is organized. 4. Learning is a process of relating new information to previously learned information. 5. Learning involves the formation of mental associations that are not necessarily reflected in overt behavior changes. 6. Objective, systematic observations of people's behavior should be the focus of scientific inquiry, however, inferences about unobservable mental processes can often be drawn from such behavior. General Pedagogical Implications
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