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Noncash investments of partners

Noncash investments of partners - Noncash investments of...

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Noncash investments of partners should be recorded at their fair values in order to provide equitable treatment to the individual partners. The recording of noncash assets at less than fair value will result in allocating the amount of understatement between the partners in their relative profit and loss sharing ratios as the undervalued assets are used for partnership business or when they are sold by the partnership. Conceptually, there is no difference between the drawings and the withdrawals of partners since both represent disinvestments of resources from the partnership entity. From a practical viewpoint, the distinction between withdrawals and drawings may be important because allowable drawings are not usually deducted in determining the amount of partnership capital to be used for purposes of dividing profits among the partners. Since withdrawals are deducted, the distinction can affect the division of profits and losses.
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