Chapter Comparative Accounting: Europe

Chapter Comparative Accounting: Europe - 3 Chapter...

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3 Chapter Comparative Accounting: Europe Discussion Questions 1. Regulating and enforcing financial reporting is a government function in France. The National Accounting Board (CNC) and the Accounting Regulation committee (CRC) set accounting standards under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Economy and Finance. The Financial Markets Authority (AMF) ensures compliance with French accounting rules (for listed companies). It is also a government agency. Public and private sector bodies are involved in the regulation and enforcement of financial reporting in Germany. The German Accounting Standards Board is a private sector body that develops German reporting standards for consolidated financial statements. However, German law (the HGB) governs financial statements at the individual company level. Enforcement also involves private and public sector bodies. The Financial Reporting Enforcement Panel is a private sector body that investigates compliance and relies on companies to voluntarily correct any problems that it finds. Matters that cannot be resolved are referred to the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority, a government agency, for final resolution. The regulation and enforcement of financial reporting is in the public sector in the Czech Republic. The Ministry of Finance is responsible for setting accounting principles and it also oversees the Czech Securities Commission which is responsible for enforcing compliance with Czech requirements. Some observers question the effectiveness of the Czech system. A private sector group is responsible for regulating financial reporting in the Netherlands. The Dutch Accounting Standards Board issues guidelines on acceptable accounting principles. Enforcement is handled by the Enterprise Chamber, a special accounting court. It rules on whether companies have used acceptable accounting practices, but only after an interested party has brought a complaint. The Financial Reporting Supervision Division of the Netherlands Authority for Financial Markets is responsible for enforcing reporting requirements for listed companies. Regulation of financial reporting is in the private sector in the United Kingdom. The Accounting Standards Board determines Financial Reporting Standards. The authority of the ASB is set out in the law. Two groups are responsible for enforcing financial reporting standards, one in the private sector and the other in the public sector. The Financial Reporting Review Panel (private sector) and the Department of Trade and Industry (public sector) can investigate 1
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complaints about departures from accounting standards. If necessary, they can go to court to force companies to revise its financial statements. 2. Given the requirement that all EU listed companies must use International Financial Reporting
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Chapter Comparative Accounting: Europe - 3 Chapter...

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