problemset4 - 1 L H , and B 1 and 1 are positive constants...

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Professor M. Alexopoulos Department of Economics Tel: 978-4962 email: ECO325: Advanced Economic Theory-Macro Problem Set #4 1. Romer 2.9 2. Romer 2.12 3. Romer 2.14 4. Prove that when the household’s lifetime utility is U B t 0 e t c t 1 1 dt B 1 t 0 e 1 t V G t dt where n 1 g 0, B A
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Unformatted text preview: 1 L H , and B 1 and 1 are positive constants and B 1 t e 1 t V G t dt , and the budget constraint is given by equation (2.40) in Romer, then c t c t f k t g...
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