UGBA103_pb_Set10 - Problem Set #10 GSI: Florent Rouxelin...

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Problem Set #10 GSI: Florent Rouxelin 15-20. Suppose the corporate tax rate is 40%, and investors pay a tax rate of 15% on income from dividends or capital gains and a tax rate of 33.3% on interest income. Your firm decides to add debt so it will pay an additional $15 million in interest each year. It will pay this interest expense by cutting its dividend. a. How much will debt holders receive after paying taxes on the interest they earn? b. By how much will the firm need to cut its dividend each year to pay this interest expense? c. By how much will this cut in the dividend reduce equity holders’ annual after-tax income? d. How much less will the government receive in total tax revenues each year? e. What is the effective tax advantage of debt τ*? 15-21. Apple Corporation had no debt on its balance sheet in 2008, but paid $2 billion in taxes. Suppose Apple were to issue sufficient debt to reduce its taxes by $1 billion per year permanently. Assume Apple’s marginal corporate tax rate is 35% and its borrowing cost is 7.5%. a. If Apple’s investors do not pay personal taxes (because they hold their Apple stock in tax-free retirement accounts), how much value would be created (what is the value of the tax shield)? b. How does your answer change if instead you assume that Apple’s investors pay a 15% tax rate on income from equity and a 35% tax rate on interest income? 15-22.
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UGBA103_pb_Set10 - Problem Set #10 GSI: Florent Rouxelin...

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