A Non-chaotic Life

A Non-chaotic Life - differences. If this continues, no one...

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Taarika George Ms. Riccio English I Honors Due December 14 th , 2004 A Non-chaotic Life I want you guys to close your eyes and take a minute to think back to your life at school. Everything is in order, everyone is getting along and life is calm and a lot of fun. Now stop. Look around you. This is chaos. Everyone is dirty and hungry and no one is getting along. You all have different ideas and opinions, but you have one leader. You have totally forgotten about your morals and responsibilities and that is the main reason why everything is so chaotic. As soon as you realized that there were no adults on this island, you immediately forgot about your manners and morals. Of course, anybody in his or her right mind would go and break every rule possible if there were no adults there to punish you. But you can’t afford to do that. If you all want to survive, you need to pull together and forget about your past and your
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Unformatted text preview: differences. If this continues, no one is bound to survive. You’ve already killed two human beings! But by getting along better, problems can be solved quicker and you can help each other to survive. The younger ones of this group look up to you older ones, and with your behavior, the younger ones became like animals. Also, try and listen to your leader. He has many ways and ideas to make this tribe and island worthwhile. By listening to him, you can get your opinions and ideas heard as well. You can survive and you will survive. Become friends and help each other. If you get along now, you might be able to be rescued and see your family and friends once again. So please, pull together and make this island a better place where you can live and have fun altogether!...
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A Non-chaotic Life - differences. If this continues, no one...

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