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Alexander the Great - was and how he was determined to make...

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Alexander the Great Alexander the Great had many qualities to him that made him a very effective leader. For one, he was never in doubt. He knew that he could do anything he wanted. For example, in the story “The Leadership of Alexander”, he and his army are traveling across thousands of miles of deserts and they are very thirsty. Finally someone found water and collected it and gave it to Alexander. In the story it says, “ They scooped up with difficulty what they could and hurried back, with their priceless treasure, to Alexander; then, just before they reached him, they tipped the water into a helmet and gave it to him. Alexander, with a word of thanks for the gift, took the helmet and, in full view of his troops, poured the water on the ground.” This shows how great his leadership
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Unformatted text preview: was and how he was determined to make it, without any help from anyone or anything. There were also factors that kept Alexander from being a leader. He had a very short temper and didn’t like people challenging what he strongly believed in or his power. In one instance, he got very mad at a childhood friend for challenging his way of governing, and in the end, killed him. Alexander also had a very different style of governing. He designed his kingdom to be filled with warfare and allowed himself to govern the world. Alexander brought everyone together, from different countries and races, and made all the world have one ruler and one government....
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